Trenvio Team won “VISA Initiative Award” 2018 French National Startup Championship


Our first debut

Trenvio debuts its first appearance in May 2018 since its birth earlier this year. Within the framework of EIT Innovation&Entrepreneurship, trenvio is being supported by EIT Master School, Agoranov, and Sorbonne University to participate in this annual French National Startup Championship

The VISA Everywhere Initiative Award conferred by VISA France

After several rounds of intense pitch, presentations, trenvio team worked their way to the top and gained the “Visa Everywhere Initiative Award” later conferred by Visa France, EPA France. Only months into their first ideation, this award stands as a shining beacon of hope for the trenvio team to stay dedicated, motivated and committed. 

About Trenvio

“Travel and Envio (shipping in Spanish)”, or officially known as Trenvio, is a crowd shipping company by which travellers work on commission to bring products to customers, it’s intended to help customers purchase products which are either locally unavailable or low quality or expensive. By providing service for travellers and customers, we assured a safe, easy and powerful platform.

“What sets trenvio apart is its auto-matching algorithm, a promising vast network, each counterparts working towards a common goal.”

We are a team of fresh graduates from EIT Digital Master School. Coming from a diverse background, our (insights) propels us to connect the world by building bridges between travellers and everyday door to door products.

Our ambition

Being frustrated with so many e-commerce focusing only on products, we want to shine lights on those dedicated local businesses with long-standing traditions and values. A story, a tale, an anecdote behind those seemingly boring products brings you exuberant sparks. By creating a vast network of local authentic handicrafts, cosmetics, art, herbal stores, etc. we help to group the vulnerable businesses together to expand and grow. 


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