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European Institute of Innovation Alumni Anual Meeting, Budapest Hungary.

“Connect, Collaborate, Innovate” with fellow entrepreneurs and like-minded alumni at the EIT Alumni CONNECT 2018! Taking place in Budapest on October 5th, more than 120 alumni and students from the whole EIT Community came together to share their knowledge, enthusiasm and experiences.

A series of workshops hosted by various members of EIT communities sparked attendees interests and discussions. Chief Operating Officer of Trenvio Mr Xia was invited to host a workshop under the topic of “eco-friendly network of shopping&shipping.” 

Team Trenvio, members are from three different continents, never have we realised more about how important is it for people around the world to connect and distribute not just products but ideas, ideology or mindset.  

We are building trenvio into a brand that leverages our daily travel to bring customers products they requested. It’s a simpler, better way to release heavy shipping”

Trenvio, echoed by counterparts, expressed the core idea of that we can build a massive network of people from different background; it’ll be our honour to become the entity of this.

COO Adrian Xia at the conference
About EIT and EIT Alumni

The EIT Alumni Community is a community for all EIT graduates and alumni, regardless of what Innovation Community you belong to, what area you specialise in, or what part of the world you live in. Be part of this exciting community, find opportunities from all over Europe (and beyond), and learn, create and be a change agent!

All graduates from the Innovation Communities’ entrepreneurial education and business acceleration programmes benefit from being part of a growing EIT Alumni Community. This Community brings together entrepreneurs and innovation enthusiasts who share a common vision for creating positive social impact through innovation and entrepreneurship. The EIT Alumni Community is an interdisciplinary and multicultural network of networks bringing together professionals from different countries and sectors.



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